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2018 Players to Watch follow-up

January 9, 2019

It’s becoming a staple of the Press Pass blog. How did the 2018 Players to Watch, as cited in the Spring 2018 edition of the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine, fare during the tournament season? Find out below.


Greg Buliga, Yardley (Senior)

  • tied for 63rd in the Francis B. Warner Cup (Gross) at Concord Country Club
  • missed the Day Two cut in the 35th Middle-Amateur presented by Callaway Golf at Llanerch Country Club
  • finished 49th in the Frank H. Chapman Memorial Cup (Gross) at Commonwealth National Golf Club
  • missed the match play cut in the Brewer Cup presented by Callaway Golf at Old York Road Country Club
  • finished 17th in the 48th Senior Amateur Championship at Riverton Country Club
  • tied for fifth in the Tournament of Champions at French Creek Golf Club
  • ranked 33rd in the Senior Player of the Year standings


John Gonsior, Limekiln (Super Senior)

  • tied for 15th in the Francis B. Warner Cup (Gross)
  • placed fifth in the Frank H. Chapman Memorial Cup (Gross)
  • finished 27th in the Pennsylvania Golf Association’s Senior Amateur Championship at Philadelphia Cricket Club (Militia Hill)
  • ranked 19th in the Super-Senior Player of the Year standings


Josh Ryan, Junior Players Club (Junior)

  • finished 7th in the Christman Cup at Whitford Country Club
  • tied for third in the Jock MacKenzie Memorial at Sandy Run Country Club
  • tied for second in the Pennsylvania Golf Association’s Junior Boys’ Championship presented By LECOM at Hershey Country Club
  • finished fourth the Harry Hammond Award standings
  • ranked sixth in the Junior Player of the Year standings


Sam Soeth, The ACE Club (Amateur)

  • missed the match play cut in the 118th BMW Philadelphia Amateur Championship at Whitemarsh Valley Country Club after rounds of 78 and 77
  • tied for 35th in the 116th Joseph H. Patterson Cup at Gulph Mills Golf Club

An intern’s (second) farewell

January 2, 2019


How do you sum up one of the most memorable nine-month stretches of your life? I’m going to try to do so right here.

The reason I came back to the Golf Association of Philadelphia for a second stint was because I wanted to have a job in some capacity after college. There’s always pressure associated with the end of schooling because the next logical step in your life’s process is to secure full-time work. I knew going back to GAP would be a great way for me to continue to better my skills as well as provide more leeway to find a full-time job.

My biggest takeaway from year two was how much more I grew during my Periscope broadcasts of our Majors and how our audience grew. I remember our broadcast of the quarterfinals of the BMW Philadelphia Amateur Championship hosted 9,000+ viewers including nearly 700 at its trending peak. That’s the one I am most proud of.

I also wrote a lot more copy this year also. More Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine stories, more coverage from our events and more photos. I gained so much experience from working at GAP that I couldn’t imagine getting at any other employer.


My experiences at GAP will absolutely help me going forward. I want to have a long and sustainable career in golf, and working for GAP has given me the skills and confidence to put me on that path.

My most memorable experiences from the past two seasons were being able to go to the best courses our region has to offer and cover events. On my list of favorites in no particular order were Philadelphia Cricket Club (Wissahickon), Hershey Country Club (West), Country Club of Scranton, Wilmington Country Club (South), LedgeRock Golf Club, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, Rolling Green Golf Club, Stonewall, Llanerch Country Club and Gulph Mills Golf Club.

It’s amazing to me how many quality golf courses lie in this area. Which is why it is a hotbed for tremendous golf.


One specific instance I’ll always remember is Saucon Valley Country Club’s Matt Mattare holing out for eagle on the first playoff hole at Cedarbrook Country Club to secure a spot in this year’s U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship.

What I’ll miss the most is the Communications team here. Marty, Tony and Dan were such great people to work for and they cared about my development. I owe them a lot for my time here.

I’ll also miss the great interactions I had with players, volunteers, golf club staff, superintendents, Executive Committee members and much more. All of these people are the lifeblood of GAP. Without them we don’t have an organization.

So with this, I am moving on from GAP. After a total of nine months, my time is up. It was one of the best nine-month stretches of my life. It is one I will never forget. I will always hold my memories here in the highest regard.

Thank you to everyone who made it so special.


A long overdue update

December 7, 2018

Intern Dalton Balthaser and Assistant Communications Director Dan Scofield represent half of the Association’s current Communications team. 

Our last update in this space was Sept. 21. Seriously? That long ago? We need to do a better job. But there is a reason we’ve unintentionally slacked on the blogosphere.

The winter edition of the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine has occupied our attention. Reporting on stories, visiting venues for assignments, conducting phone interviews … the whole nine yards. 238 in Derrick Henry’s case, am I right? The magazine isn’t the end-all, be-all of the Communications department, however.

We’re the forerunners on the Player’s Dinner, the Association’s version of a year-end awards banquet. We handle the evening’s program and the materials that go along with it. Honorary team events, website matters, meetings, 2019 planning, etc. It may be the golf “offseason” but the Communications motor is always on.

Happy holidays.

Magazine update

September 21, 2018

If you’re keeping score, that’s two consecutive months with a Press Pass blog entry.

We’re on deadline to finish the fall edition of the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine. Most content on the slate is in the queue, awaiting our eyes. Deadlines spur action, and believe me when I say we’re pressing to get this issue out the door and into your hands. The process isn’t as cut-and-dry as some may think. It takes time to file stories, to design pages and to ensure that all of the information presented meets the standards we set.

Speaking of standards, are we setting a new one here by posting an entry in consecutive months? Thinking we should in an effort to maintain a Press Pass pulse.

But I’ll defer to Marty Emeno, co-author of this blog and head of the Communications department, on that call.

Summer blunder?

August 17, 2018


Forgive the Communications team for we have failed.

It’s been three months since our last Press Pass blog entry.

Why the layoff? Well, the tournament season certainly keeps our team on its toes. We aim to provide the best coverage possible for each Golf Association of Philadelphia affair. In addition, we’re wrangling the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine, producing and presenting all of the stories that make it Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Source of Golf Information. Oh, and there are “Inside Golf” and GAPTV segments, too.

But this post isn’t a “whoa is me” plea. It’s philling the gap (see what I did there), of course. The purpose here is to explain that a layoff isn’t indicative of lack of blog interest or effort. Other platforms, specifically in-season, take precedent.

So let’s all press on with the Press Pass blog. The Communications team will continue to provide updates in this space — however few and far between.

The return of an intern

May 15, 2018

Dalton Balthaser bolted back to the Communications team.

I’m back! I’m sure all GAP followers and players remember me strolling around the best golf courses in Philadelphia in my bucket hat and covering our members, tournaments and writing for the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine. If you don’t, my name is Dalton Balthaser. I was a Communications Intern with GAP last summer. It was the most enjoyable summer I have had in a long time, and when I was presented with the opportunity to come back for a longer stint, it was an easy decision.

When Director of Operations Marty Emeno asked me in the winter about my plans after I graduated in May from Temple University, I wasn’t sure. I was in between whether I should try to look for full-time work or come back to GAP. For me, having a job after graduation was really important and it relieved a lot of added pressure of getting a job immediately after graduation. I couldn’t have been more pleased when I was offered the position because GAP was so good to me and I wanted another chance to work with the great people at the organization.

What I am looking to get out of my second stint is more involvement and contribution. As a new intern, it takes awhile to get accustomed to how the organization you work for runs things and expects things to be done. Because of that, you can’t really help out as much as you would like until the end when you begin to understand the process. This year, I know how it operates and how things go here. So I look forward to doing the absolute most and best I can for an organization that has helped me grow so much.

It also helps when the Golf Association of Philadelphia Major venues are: Llanerch Country Club, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, St. Davids Golf Club and Gulph Mills Golf Club. I hope you’ll join our entire team as we bring you the best coverage of our tournaments in one of the best hotbeds of golf in the country.

Magazine: Spring 2018

March 30, 2018

This photo has something to do with the Spring 2018 edition of the GAP Magazine.

The Communications team spent the majority of this week entrenched in the Spring 2018 edition of the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine. We combed through pages and pages of copy, proofreading every story printed, every caption cited, every number presented. Contrary to popular belief, a magazine doesn’t manifest overnight. It takes time to ready all materials and to piece together an inviting and engaging edition. Proofreading is one of many steps we take in the magazine process.

Despite our best efforts, the golf magazine gods see to it that at least one item slips through the cracks. It happens. We wish it wouldn’t. We work tirelessly to prevent it. But somehow, someway, something miniscule may squeeze past our watchful eyes. Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

Thanks to our best efforts, the Spring 2018 edition of the Golf Association of Magazine will arrive soon. The anticipation is real. As is my anticipation for The Masters. And the BMW GAP Team Matches is only three weeks away.

Hoppy Easter.