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Communications intern bids farewell, take two

August 12, 2016


Today is Communications intern Tim Merrick’s last here at Golf Association of Philadelphia HQ. Tim returned to our team this tournament season and proved invaluable. We asked him to reflect on the summer that was.

Throughout the school year last year, I was thinking about summer 2016 plans. After spending the 2015 summer season with GAP as a Communications Intern, I didn’t think I was going to be able to return for a second season. I wasn’t sure it was the best move for my career moving forward, working the same internship two summers in a row. But, in December, I came to the realization that this internship was something that I couldn’t pass up. To say that I am happy with the decision I made is an understatement. I came back because I knew that this type of work would provide me with consistent work writing about golf, on-site experience at some of the area’s, and nation’s, premiere golf courses, and relationships that I will take with me for a long time.

I couldn’t have asked for a better summer with the Golf Association of Philadelphia. This year, I feel like I’ve made a lot of strides in my work. First, I feel like my writing has grown exponentially, even from last year. After working with Marty, Tony and Dan, who expect a certain standard of writing, I have been able to really hone my skills. I’ve been able to really get creative in certain areas, while also progressively tweaking my own style. Throughout the summer, I was able to talk with and write about multiple people. This experience has been valuable in teaching me how to strike a conversation with anybody, about anything. Last year, I could have been a bit shy in this area. This year, however, I feel like I was able to really talk with people and ask questions that would help my story. Finally, I think that my experiences with photos, video, social media, and Periscope have been invaluable. To watch the success of Periscope continue to rise has been awesome. From last year’s first broadcast at the Mid-Am, to last week’s 180+ live viewers at Huntingdon Valley for the Patterson Cup, it’s been amazing to watch. I’ve become a better photographer, a more accurate social media user, and a more creative videographer, all thanks to my time here with GAP.

Over my two years working with the Communications department, I’ve worked on a lot of different stories. This year, I really enjoyed working on the Sam Dalton J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholar story. Sam was a really nice kid who I really enjoyed speaking with and learning more about. Like most of those stories, I thought it was awesome to tell the story of somebody who was in need of the scholarship, has been doing really great things, and has used the scholarship to better themselves. Going on-site with Sam and writing the story was definitely one of my favorite assignments. As for the tournaments, there were quite a few that I really enjoyed. Spending four days at Merion Golf Club was amazing. But, my favorite would probably have to be the Junior Boys’ Championship at Tavistock Country Club, spent with Tony Regina. I really enjoyed doing video recaps all three days. The GAP Junior golf scene is really competitive and it was fun watching those kids play really well. The matches were intense and the course was awesome. I really enjoyed working alongside Tony for those three days and felt like we put out really good content.

I’ve been lucky to work this internship for the past two years. It’s been a tremendously fun experience and one that I won’t soon forget. I got to spend three months covering a sport that I love, at beautiful venues across the Philadelphia area, with people that have become friends. I can’t thank everybody at GAP enough for allowing me to come back and work with them. Marty, thank you for allowing me to share an office with you and helping me develop my skills as a writer. Although we joke a lot, I’ve really appreciated the time spent working with you. We’ve spent a lot of time in the cart riding around and it was really a blast. Tony, thank you being a genuinely kind person and helping me with anything that I needed. I’ve learned a lot from you in regards to videos, and really enjoyed the events that we worked together. You’re constant positive attitude is something that I look up to. And Dan, thanks for being a really good friend of mine. Although you were stuck with me for a lot of events, I wanted to thank you for putting up with me. I also want to thank you for helping me out with a lot of different things and treating me as an equal. To all of you, I appreciate the fact that I was treated as a co-worker. I’ve really enjoyed myself and learned a lot throughout my time here. I am thankful to have worked with such dedicated and skilled people.

Thanks to all of the others at GAP who have been so nice and welcoming throughout my time as an intern. Moving forward, I hope to find a job that is anywhere close to what I did here. It’ll be hard to match the experiences that I’ve had, but hopefully with the skills that I have gained and honed here, I will be somewhat as good at my job as all of you. Thank you for making this summer another one to remember.

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