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Communications update

February 17, 2017
We conducted a GAP Sponsor Appreciation Night earlier this month.

We conducted a GAP Sponsor Appreciation Night earlier this month.

The offseason is foreign to the Communications department. We’re always in the midst of a project or five, doing our part to uphold the Association’s mission year-round. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening in 2017 so far:

  • Photo labeling. We’re tagging and archiving each photo taken during the 2016 tournament season. Well, not every single one (a bundle hit the cutting room floor), but a good portion.
  • Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine (Spring 2017). Not a day goes by when we’re not working, thinking and breathing magazine. Preparing content for the next issue, which will be released prior to the BMW GAP Team Matches.
  • BMW GAP Team Matches and tournament schedule. At long last, we posted a write-up on the Web site regarding the 2017 BMW GAP Team Matches. Look for the 2017 tournament schedule to be released early next week.
  • Web exclusive stories. Posted a few on the Web site in January. Engaging features that didn’t make the magazine cut (editorial space reasons).
  • J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Year-in-Review, schedule posters. Coming soon to a club near you. We’re responsible for copy, design, etc.
  • #PolarPlay9. Heavily promoted this event, which urged members to play at nine participating indoor golf simulator facilities.

That’s a brief snapshot of activity. As for an update on my fellow Communications staffers and co-authors of this blog?

Dan is moving to Conshohocken. Marty just got his fifth haircut of 2017.

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