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A nod to our 2017 intern

August 17, 2017


The Communications department bid farewell to its 2017 intern, Dalton Balthaser, this week. The soon-to-be senior at Temple University joined our team in May and served as a key contributor to our efforts this summer.

As in years, we ask the intern to offer a goodbye note in this space, assessing his experience as a member of our Communications team. Well, we — nay I — dropped the ball and failed to issue this assignment to Dalton prior to his last day. He assisted the Association’s tournament department at Schuylkill Country Club during the Tee It Forward — Fall Net Championship yesterday and is competing in the Hawley Quier Memorial at Moselem Springs Golf Club the next two days. Hands down the best golfing intern to come through our doors if you ask me.

I’ll take a moment to provide the Press Pass blog readership (all three of you) with a snapshot of Dalton’s summer with us. He handled the majority of our Periscope coverage and grew more comfortable and informative with his commentary as the season progressed. During our Majors, Dalton also collaborated with Dan Scofield, our Assistant Director of Communications who has yet to file an entry here, on Notebook stories for the website. He contributed pieces to the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine and worked with the J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust. Dalton covered a few Pennsylvania Golf Association events in addition to our Pre-Junior and Junior-Junior Boys’ Championship. If we needed help with anything, Dalton eagerly raised his hand and took care of it.

I, on behalf of the Communications team, thank Dalton for his work this summer. He is living proof of a hard worker who exceeded expectations. Dalton and his predecessor Tim Merrick set a high standard for our intern position.

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