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The return of an intern

May 15, 2018

Dalton Balthaser bolted back to the Communications team.

I’m back! I’m sure all GAP followers and players remember me strolling around the best golf courses in Philadelphia in my bucket hat and covering our members, tournaments and writing for the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine. If you don’t, my name is Dalton Balthaser. I was a Communications Intern with GAP last summer. It was the most enjoyable summer I have had in a long time, and when I was presented with the opportunity to come back for a longer stint, it was an easy decision.

When Director of Operations Marty Emeno asked me in the winter about my plans after I graduated in May from Temple University, I wasn’t sure. I was in between whether I should try to look for full-time work or come back to GAP. For me, having a job after graduation was really important and it relieved a lot of added pressure of getting a job immediately after graduation. I couldn’t have been more pleased when I was offered the position because GAP was so good to me and I wanted another chance to work with the great people at the organization.

What I am looking to get out of my second stint is more involvement and contribution. As a new intern, it takes awhile to get accustomed to how the organization you work for runs things and expects things to be done. Because of that, you can’t really help out as much as you would like until the end when you begin to understand the process. This year, I know how it operates and how things go here. So I look forward to doing the absolute most and best I can for an organization that has helped me grow so much.

It also helps when the Golf Association of Philadelphia Major venues are: Llanerch Country Club, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, St. Davids Golf Club and Gulph Mills Golf Club. I hope you’ll join our entire team as we bring you the best coverage of our tournaments in one of the best hotbeds of golf in the country.

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