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Harry Hammond Award race update

July 25, 2016

The 2016 Harry Hammond Award race will come to an end at today’s Jock MacKenzie Memorial. Marty McGuckin (right) holds a two-stroke lead over Ron Robinson entering the final leg. Both are paired together at Sandy Run Country Club.



Harry Hammond Award race heats up

July 8, 2016
Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace


The Harry Hammond Award race will take a monumental turn next week at Running Deer Golf Club, site of the Christman Cup presented by Global Golf Post. Here’s why.

Nicholas Gianelos leapt to a four-stroke lead with an impressive performance in the 102nd Junior Boys’ Championship Qualifier at Tavistock Country Club. The Radley Run Country Club youngster broke an event scoring record by carding a 7-under-par 65.

However, Gianelos isn’t competing in the Christman Cup, which accounts for two of the four rounds factored into the Harry Hammond Award. Therefore, the lead now shifts to Talamore Country Club’s Ron Robinson and Green Valley Country Club’s Andrew Wallace, who both fired respective 69s in the Junior Boys’ Qualifier. The two are participating in the Christman Cup.

Furthermore, 11 players within five shots of that number are in the Christman field. And a majority can work their way into contention with strong performances at Running Deer.

The buck certainly won’t stop next Thursday.

Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson

Not a Jedi mind trick

May 4, 2016

It’s been a cloudy, chilly and rainy start to the 2016 tournament season.

May the fourth be with you. Mother Nature certainly hasn’t been with the Association at the start of its 2016 tournament season. Save for Week Two of the BMW GAP Team Matches, cloudy skies, cool temperatures and scattered showers have stolen the spotlight. Rain is also in the forecast for tomorrow’s Francis B. Warner Warner Cup (Gross) at Whitford Country Club.

Unfortunate, yet we’ll press on and hope to get it in, as the saying goes. Same goes for the BMW GAP Team Matches Playoff and Challenges on Saturday.

May is expected to be chock-full of Communications activity. From tournament coverage to magazine work to new Web features such as the 1 MORE campaign and Philling the GAP, we’ll certainly be on our toes. Oh, and next Monday, we’ll welcome Tim Merrick back to our team for the summer ahead. Tim served as our intern a year ago. He will be heavily involved with the J. Wood Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust as well.

May the force be with us this month.

The start of the season

April 8, 2016

Greate Bay Country Club will host a Middle-Amateur Qualifier tomorrow. 

The Golf Association of Philadelphia’s 2016 season formally began a week ago. Technically speaking, it coincides with the start of active handicap score posting. As a result, activity in the Communications department is akin to that on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Here’s a rundown of the latest:

  • April’s Philling the GAP focuses on handicapping services.
  • The Association launched its 1 MORE campaign, which, as its title suggests, encourages golfers to play one more round, eat one more meal or take one more caddie in 2016.
  • The Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine’s Spring 2016 issue is finally here! It focuses on the balancing act that today’s woman golfer faces — juggling family, business and the game of golf. Other features include Bala Golf Club’s 115th Anniversary and Players to Watch in 2016, to name a few.
  • It will be a busy weekend in GAP land. The first official event of the season will take place tomorrow at Greate Bay Country Club. Seventy-six players will attempt to qualify for the Middle-Amateur Championship presented by Callaway Golf. Twenty-four hours later, the BMW GAP Team Matches kicks off. The weather forecast isn’t ideal, but our team coverage is. Check out the BMW GAP Team Matches section of the Web site for all of the latest. Good luck to all those competing over the weekend.

Speaking of Greate Bay, I’m reminded of a story I wrote about the club’s goats.

Stay warm. Stay optimistic. The season is here. Enjoy The Masters.

Magazines in motion

March 22, 2016

Bala Golf Club will be featured in the Spring 2016 edition.

The Communications department is placing the finishing touches on the spring edition of the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine. I won’t tease its cover topic and theme here, but I will reveal a nugget or two. Bala Golf Club, a William Flynn design in Philadelphia, Pa., celebrates its 115th anniversary in 2016. The BMW GAP Team Matches is around the corner. And what’s cooking — better yet who’s cooking — at The Masters? Look for the Spring 2016 edition soon.

As we ready one issue of the magazine for distribution, we’re already at work on the next. I will tell you that the summer topic involves locker room lore. Does your club feature a locker room with a unique history? A longtime attendant who’s heard tale after tale from all walks of the membership? A vintage set-up that cries “old school?” Ghost stories that add to the intrigue? We want to throw the region’s coolest locker rooms in the spotlight.

Any suggestions, feel free to let me know. E-mail

Picture this

February 11, 2016

“What do you guys do in the winter?” is a popular question that we hear toward the end of a tournament season. “A lot” is a popular answer. Among a litany of offseason activities is photo archiving. We review all of the photos that we took throughout the tournament season — hundreds of thousands of photos — and label the keepers accordingly. Event, player(s) and hole included in the descriptors. Archiving allows the Communications department to retrieve photos on call. We’re continuing to work through photos this winter. Can you picture that?


One of the my favorites from the 2015 season — now labeled and archived. 

Dean of influence

January 20, 2016

Writing is a must in the Communications department. We, true to our name, spearhead the majority of the Association’s Communication and produce copy on a daily basis. The Web site and Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine alone demand coherent, informative, and well-structured stories. Our department puts a premium on good writing.

With each passing piece, I remind myself of two things: avoid clutter and use active voice. Both are lasting lessons that I learned as a student at La Salle University. During my freshmen year, I enrolled in a college writing class taught by Professor Madeleine Dean. She stressed active voice, which I rarely considered at the time, and introduced clutter, a word I associated with household objects instead of writing. Her instruction, without a doubt, made me a better writer. I always think active voice and comb through my stories for clutter.

I recently decided to reach out to Professor Dean with a note of gratitude. She is now a State Representative in the 153rd Legislative District. To my surprise given her demanding schedule, I received a prompt and thoughtful response. She is fighting the good fight in Harrisburg. I’m fortunate to be writing the golf write (going for clever rhyme scheme here) in Philadelphia.

The moral of this entry is twofold. It’s a reminder of writing’s importance within the Communications department, and encouragement to say thanks to those who influenced you.